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Back for the craic!

Shenanigans has had a grand sabbatical - we've added a raft of new material to our set list. Songs and tunes of both traditional - and our own original - arrangements feature in this, along with our own ever-green renditions of popular favourites! We aim to offer a genuine reflection of the range of songs that tell stories of love, hope, ambition, distress and migration mixed with airs, laments, single/double and slip jigs, reels, slides, polkas, highlands (and the occasional hornpipe) in the tradition.

Shenanigans started playing 22 years ago this month! And although our line-up has inevitably changed over this time, we continue to surprise ourselves!

Factoid: We originally called ourselves 'Shenanigan' but public pressure forced a change!

Our first album cover c. 1998

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